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Hello to all :D

So you know I've been designing star systems, that feature inhabited planets, as part of a personal "fictional universe" project. Just so happens I stumbled upon something a while ago, but didn't make it a journal entry (though I wanted to). So I decided  to share it now. Its about the star system where Vakor is located.

When I started designing it, I was first looking for a random sun-like star as the home of the planet, and the point of origin of the life forms the planet featured. And so it happened, I had picked one up some time ago when the biosphere was just a concept of a few sentences inside my head. As I have added a lot more details and complexity to it, i was thinking of researching that particular star system, to see how plausible is it to host a planet like the one I imagined (or would I need to change it).

The star system in question is HD 45184 (referred to as Hemerus in my fictional universe). What I was initially looking for was:

* Possibility of hosting rocky bodies;

* Hemerus being slightly larger than the Sun, and shining more brightly since the planet (called Vakor) is receiving a bit more heat and light than the Earth does;

* Vakor having violent megaquakes and meteor showers creating an extinction level event at some point in its history, as a result of external factors;

* Vakor having large oceans as well as oxygen and ozone-producing life forms.

Information about the star was poor (to say the least), until relatively recently (September 2011), when more information and data was released about it together with the discovery of a large planetary body, almost the size of Neptune, orbiting in a very close orbit around the star (0.0638 AU), earning it hot Super-earth candidate status.

The star is similar to the Sun (G1.5V), a bit larger in mass and radius, slightly more luminous, temp. slightly higher than Earth (5869 K), but also metallicity higher than the Sun (studies estimations ranging from 110% to 140%), and its age as 4.1 billion years.

Most of the data above seem to fit with the characteristics I have prescribed to the system without even knowing anything about it other than its spectral class (at the time I thought to be G2V).

This is not the first time it happens to me too. I guess I am lucky? :D

So I decided the large Super-earth will be featured as the cause for the violent past of Arcadius, culminating with an extinction-level event, via the 'planet migration' model, where according to some formulations of the model, larger planetary bodies closer to the star than 1.3 AU, tend to migrate inwards in the course of time, and smaller bodies migrating outwards respectively. This ending with stable or "more stable" orbits for each.

It also says the oxygen-to-hydrogen ratio is measured 23% higher in HD 45184  than the oxygen-to-hydrogen ratio found in the sun. That means ... hello water world and rich ozone atmosphere! :D

I love it when things fit flawlessly, even when I'm doing it random.

I also wanted to mention that there are four new worlds added to the list, on which I will work more on some other time and get back to some of my previous work and revisit some things, rework them, or work more on them etc.
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Alex Volta
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